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Hippos in the Nile 

Antelopes in Murchison Falls National Park 

Gorillas in Bwindi National Park

Tree Climbing Lion in Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Giraffes in Murchison Falls National Park

Nile Crocodile

Lake Bunyonyi, Kabale

Uganda, a land of milk and honey is a small beautiful country in East Africa that is endowed with lots of fascinating tourist attractions and wildlife such as the mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, African elephants, cheetahs, golden monkeys among others. It’s no wonder that the country was referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” because of its attractive environment, numerous game reserves/ national parks, mountains, lakes and rivers. It is in Uganda that the world’s longest River, the Nile starts flowing heading northwards to the Mediterranean Sea through other countries. For its attractions and hospitality, Uganda is a favorite tourist destination for many people from all over the world.

If you are planning on taking a vacation in the nearby future, Uganda is the ultimate place to visit. An expedition with Afri-Khan Eco Tours will take you to unforgettable places in the wilderness of Africa leaving you with a lifetime experience. Expect to receive top-notch services from our outstanding guides.

Please have a look at our planned trips for safaris within Uganda and if you are not convinced with what we have to offer we promise to make you a tailor-made safari in Uganda and the rest of East Africa.

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Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa
Bienvenue en Ouganda


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Uganda is home to the internationally renowned endangered mountain gorillas, a unique feature for the country’s tourism industry of which these can be found in two different National Parks. It is from Uganda that the world’s longest River (the Nile) starts flowing northwards to the Mediterranean Sea. Uganda is also home to the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhinoceros and Elephant) as well as other wild animals, and with over 460 bird species. The deepest Crater Lake in Africa is found in Uganda. Some 28 of the 86 species of mammals in Kidepo National Park are not found in any other Uganda’s national parks. Expect to cross the Equator line while in Uganda. 

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